Nocturne Opossum


The opossum is the only North American marsupial. Native to the Mid-Atlantic, they’re now found across the continent, as far north as Toronto. The expansion of their range is contingent upon the growth of sub/urban habitats. They feed on garden snails, pet kibble, and other human refuse. This project started in response to a young opossum that began frequenting my porch after I left food out for a stray cat. I’d just bought the house and was setting up my domestic space. I was struck by the coincidence of this young opossum scouting the area for reliable food and shelter and my own attempt to create a suitable home. Our lives had parallels, intersecting evenings on the cusp of my diurnal and its nocturnal habits. As much as I felt the human urge to name and personify the opossum, I also found myself thinking about my own animal life.