The Field of Reception About


The Field of Reception is a media installation that attempts to unearth the cultural mechanisms and contingencies of our sense of place. I’ve created robotic tripods that record not only the scene but also the physical pan and tilt of the camera as I shoot video footage in various landscapes, such as Muir Woods. In the gallery space, I replace the camera on this robotic tripod with a projector so the footage plays back in movements synchronized with the original recording, the footage’s idiosyncratic pan and tilt. In the installation space the two mounted projectors, working with the robotic tripod, move continuously, attempting to spacially recapitulate the natural locations where the footage was taken. There are always two different locations playing and a continual sense of asynchronicity, discontinuity, and disjunction that disturbs our natural tendency to try to construct a seamless reality. It is this disruption, which is experienced within the installation, that I hope allows for recognition of the multiple gaps that our unified sense of perception of the “natural” world conceals and suppresses. Perhaps through a disruption of our accepted views of natural places it might possible to reconfigure our relationship to those places.